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Skin Benefits of Kumkumadi Face Oil
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Kumkumadi Face Oil

Kumkumadi Face Oil for Blemishes and skin-lightening - 30ML

Boosts Glow & Radiance | Reduces Dark Spots & Blemishes | Rejuvenates Dull Skin

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Size: 30ml

All skin Type
  • Fragrance of Kumkumadi provides a relaxing experience and calms the mind.
  • Effectively penetrates the skin and provides radiant skin.
  • Made up of traditional ingredients that have healing properties.
  • Has skin-lightening properties which help in giving an even skin tone.

Astaberry Indulge Kumkumadi Oil is curated with special traditional ingredients and works like a charm on your face. It brightens the skin tone and gives a lasting glow to it. Heal your skin and treat skin issues with the goodness of this oil. Balance the skin’s natural oil production and repair it.

Incredible Ingredients


Kumkum or Saffron is a rich source of antioxidants that help protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals and promote a youthful appearance.


Sandalwood has moisturizing properties that help hydrate and soothe dry, irritated, or sensitive skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness, swelling, and other symptoms of skin irritation.

Lotus Extract

Lotus extract has skin-lightening properties that brighten the skin, reducing the appearance of dark spots and other forms of hyperpigmentation. It improves skin texture, leaving it smooth and soft.


Mulethi has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce redness, puffiness, and other symptoms of skin irritation. It has soothing properties that calm and soothe irritated, sensitive, or inflamed skin.


How To Use

1. Wash your face with a cleanser and pat it dry.

2. Take 3-4 drops of oil in your hands.

3. Use your fingers to apply oil to your face. Gently massage the face till the oil gets absorbed.

4. Top it up with sunscreen if using the oil during the day or use a night cream if using it at night.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Address - Ivia Beaute Pvt. Ltd at Vill. Kami, Distt, Sonipat, Haryana ,131001

Best Before - 36 Months

License No. - 288 COS(H)

Dimensions & Weight - 55X55X155(50 ML)

Marketed by - Ivia Beaute Private Limited

Country of Origin - India

Additional Formulation
Sesame Oil, Aqua, Manjistha Powder, Saffron Oil, Goat Milk, Madhuka, Dashmool Extract, Daruhaldi Extract, Sandalwood Extract, Padmaka Extract, Rose Petals, Lotus Extract, Saffron Extract, Tocopherol, Pattanga, Kamal Keshara, Kaliyaka, Neelotpala, Indian Banyan, Liquorice Extract, Vetiver Root Extract, Lakh Extract, Nag Keshara Extract, Turmeric Extract
1. What are the benefits of Kumkumadi Face Oil?

Answer : It deals with dryness, and hyperpigmentation to brighten the face.

2. Can kumkumadi Face oil cause pimples?

Answer : It does not cause pimples. On the contrary, Kumkumadi face oil is extremely useful for acne and pimple-prone skin.

3. Does kumkumadi oil reduce wrinkles?

Answer : It improves the natural skin texture and reduces wrinkles on the face.

4. What should I apply after kumkumadi oil?

Answer : You can apply moisturiser after applying Kumkumadi oil.

5. How to use Kumkumadi Face Oil?

Answer : Take some amount of the oil and gently rub it all over the skin regularly for clear and radiant skin.


Customer Reviews

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Ashish Kukreti
Product is good but customer service is not good

Product is good but customer service is really bot good

Meenu Sisodiya

Quality of the product is very nice, anyone can use it suitable for all skin types.

Akshay Mathur
Definitely for my skin

I have sensitive skin and don't go well with most of the products. There are very few things that has helped me. So when something helps my skin i feel obliged to give a review.

Mona Nagar
Leaves skin soft and hydrated

This is actually really hydrating. Keeps skin soft and supple for a long time.


Very good non sticky texture..mild fragrance...the very best packaging..totally value for money.