Natural Skincare vs Synthetic Skincare Ingredients - Who Will Win the Race?

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Evolution of Skincare Industry

Taking care of one’s skin is not a new concept to people. The practice of skin care has been going on since the beginning of civilization. In the beginning, people started to take care of their skin to combat the harsh conditions of the environment such as extreme heat, cold, or any other extreme climatic conditions with the ingredients that were easily available to them in nature. Slowly skincare practices started to grow in people to look good. However, in the present day, skincare practices are also carried out as a form of self-care, a tool to de-stress, and a solution to different skin concerns. 

The skin care industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that has touched every individual’s life in either one way or many ways. It has become an essential part of every individual’s life of all age groups. This industry will only keep on thriving as it caters to the skin care needs of all. The skincare range of products is of two types, they are either made of ingredients that are derived from nature or they are made of synthetic ingredients that are concocted in a lab. 


What are the effects of synthetic ingredients in skincare products?

The synthetic chemicals used in skin care products by many brands in the market are found to be extremely harmful and can cause more damage to the skin than improve your skin condition in the long run. Some of these ingredients may also cause harmful side effects like skin irritation, birth defects, or cancer. These chemicals are either absorbed into the skin or sit on top of the skin, building up over time.

When these synthetic chemicals are absorbed, they may cause adverse effects on our health when it reaches the bloodstream while a build-up over time can cause various skin diseases such as chronic acne or eczema. Some of them are also listed to have carcinogenic properties as well.

A question may arise now, why are companies still using these synthetic chemicals in their products? Well, the answer is because- 

  1. they are cheap, 
  2. faster to produce, 
  3. adds volume to the products, 
  4. increases the shelf life of the products and 
  5. provides a uniform look & texture to the products.

Some people may find some of the products made with synthetic ingredients effective in the short term but prolonged usage of these products will cause a lot of damage to health and skin. 


Why are natural ingredients in skincare products better?

To combat this problem, a lot of companies are coming up with products that are made of ingredients derived from nature. These products are filled with the goodness of all the ingredients blessed by mother earth. They do not cause any side effects when used and are very beneficial for healthy skin. 

There are many natural ingredients in the market right now that different brands use in their skincare products. Research shows that these ingredients can be miraculously helpful to various skin concerns if used the right way.  Ingredients like bakuchiol, acai berry, and ginseng extracts are some of the ingredients that researchers these days are considering to be highly beneficial for the skin.


Bakuchiol is also known as the natural retinol that reduces hyperpigmentation and repairs ageing skin while treating acne. The acai berry is rich in vitamin A which is also a powerful anti-ageing component. It promotes collagen production in the skin which repairs any kind of skin damage and boosts cell turnover. It is packed with antioxidants that combat the free radicals present in our body while preventing premature ageing. It also tightens the skin and brightens the skin tone.

The benefits of ginseng extracts are similar to acai berries. It increases blood circulation in our body and boosts collagen production which repairs any damage caused to the skin. It also tightens the skin, and reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and signs of ageing while reducing puffiness, and inflammation and bringing a natural glow into the skin making the skin look radiant.

There are some amazing acai berry products in the market that can do wonders for the skin. These products are made with a non-irritating formula that suits almost all skin types and caters to various skin concerns. They target various skin concerns such as signs of ageing, acne, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, damaged skin barrier, dehydrated skin, cell damage, and premature ageing. If you are someone who is struggling with any or all the skin concerns mentioned, don’t forget to check these products and give them a try.

Who wins the race? Natural ingredients or synthetic ingredients?

Natural ingredients are considered to be very powerful ingredients and so it is used in various skincare products and medicines as well. They will always win the race when it comes to being a better and healthier option than any synthetic ingredients. They are the best for the skin and usually do not have any side effects on health when used unless one is specifically allergic to certain ingredients. 

Human beings are a part of nature and so are most of the health and skin problems occurring to them. Nature holds a solution to all the problems occurring in nature too. Its potent, alive, and healing energy has the power to solve all the problems for overall well-being.

Thus, we can conclude that for a healthy body and skin, looking up to nature and its blessings is the only effective solution we need. 


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