Build Your night skincare routine with Acai Berry and Bakuchiol Range

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Step-by-step guide for Night-time skincare routine


Skincare is an essential part of most people’s lives these days. We are all aware of the benefits of taking care of our skin. But amidst this vast sea of opinions and suggestions by people all over the media and the internet, it is easy to get confused about what to use and which steps to take. We are here to break down the routine for you to help you understand what is best for you even better.

In these times when people hardly have any time to spare for even important things, don’t let the internet fool you into thinking that you require an elaborate 10-step skincare routine to have good skin. You do not need that. A much shorter but effective skincare routine can also do wonders for your skin. Keep reading further to know more about it.

Night-time is the most important time for a skincare routine. When you sleep, the skin is at complete rest and it is able to breathe properly while absorbing the maximum amount of the products that are applied to it. The pollution and harmful rays from the sun are at bay and the skin is not required to fight against them constantly. So, for an optimum result from skincare products, an effective night skincare routine is very essential. 

Step-by-step guide: Night-time skincare routine

Foaming Face Wash- 

Cleansing is one of the most important steps in your night-time skincare routine. The makeup you put on your skin in a day must be removed properly as it blocks the pores of your skin. Similarly, your skin also accumulates a lot of dirt & pollution throughout the day even when you are indoors, this also adds to the blockage of the pores of your skin. If you do not clean your face properly, you may get various skin issues such as acne, rashes, redness, etc. 

Acai Berry Bio Hyaluronate Foaming Face Wash

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If you are someone who loves to wear makeup, you must double-cleanse your skin. You must remove your makeup with an oil-based makeup remover first and then use a gentle & effective facewash such as acai berry face wash to remove the residue that is left. However, if you do not put on any makeup, washing your face with a gentle cleanser is enough to serve the purpose.

Face Toner- 

Toning is an important step that people were once scared of because of the harsh ingredients present in it. It used to make the skin dry & flaky and only aided people with oily skin to some extent. But with time, the manufacturers have started to use ingredients that are gentle on the skin.

Acai Berry Bio Hyaluronate Face Toner

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Ingredients like acai berry and bakuchiol can be found in some toners that are said to do wonders for people with all skin types. A toner helps to rehydrate your skin as all the oils and moisture gets removed after the process of cleansing your skin. It shrinks the size of the pores in your skin and removes any residue that is left behind. 

A toner can be used by pouring a little bit on a cotton pad and patting it on the face and neck. This step makes your skin feel fresh and brings some glow to the skin.

Face Serum-

Once the skin has absorbed the toner completely into the skin, it's time for you to use a serum on your skin. Serums are concentrated formulas that can treat different skin problems. There are various serums in the market these days that cater to various skin concerns.

Acai Berry Bio Hyaluronate Face Serum

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A bakuchiol serum is focused on fighting early signs of ageing, improving the skin's elasticity and protecting the skin barrier while retaining moisture. A brightening serum such as Vitamin C serum can be used for a bright & even skin tone and to remove dark spots from the skin.

If you have dry skin, you can opt for a serum with Hyaluronic acid and if you are suffering from severe acne, a salicylic acid-based serum will help heal your skin. You must select the serum based on your skin concerns.

Under Eye Gel- 

After applying the serum, it's time to put it. You must apply the undereye gel with the applicator provided with the product or gently pat it in using your ring fingers.

Acai Berry Bio Hyaluronate Under Eye Gel

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The skin in the undereye area of our face is extremely thin & delicate but we often overlook taking care of this area. We put a lot of makeup on our eyes and end up tugging & pulling on the skin a lot while trying to remove our makeup. This may cause micro cuts, abrasion, and rashes that may lead to scarring.

The undereye area is also where the first signs of ageing appear. We must start taking care of this area gently even before any signs of ageing start to appear. There are some undereye gels in the market infused with the goodness of acaiberry and bakuchiol which nourishes the undereye area, gets rid of fine lines & puffy eyes, helps fade dark circles, and removes dead skin. These are very gentle on the skin and make you look young and fresh. 

Goodness of Acai Berry and Bakuchiol


Night crème- 

A night creme moisturises and nourishes your skin deeply. Most night creams these days also help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. You must apply a generous amount of night crème on your entire face and neck. We suggest you use a night crème that has acai berry and bakuchiol in it that prevent cell damage and boosts collagen production in your skin.

Acai Berry Bio Hyaluronate Night Creme

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Sleeping Gel Mask- 

For an optimum result from your night skincare routine, you must apply a sleeping gel mask at the end. You can apply it once or twice a week to get glowing and brighter-looking skin. These sleeping masks act as a sealant that helps the products that were previously applied, to penetrate deeper into the skin while we sleep. 

Acai Berry Bio Hyaluronate Sleeping Gel Mask

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Follow this routine each night to wake up to smooth, glowing, plump, and healthy-looking skin every morning.

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