5 Ways To Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day

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“Treat yourself the way you would do to someone you love”

 Wondering what if nobody asks you out this valentine’s day? Why wait when you can take yourself on a date? Being single on Valentine’s Day can be much more liberating than you have known. Think this way: you actually don’t have to replan with somebody who forgot to make dinner reservations already! Spend your valentine’s week giving love to the most significant person in your life: you of course. This valentine’s week follows these 5 tips and tricks to treat and love yourself dead right. Be your own valentine on this 14th February

1. Take care of your skin

“Skincare is essential, makeup is a choice”

How many times we have had such grueling weeks that we completely forgot to take care of our skin, ending up with dry, dehydrated, dull skin? No matter how much we think we do our foremost on it, it is never enough! Our skin speaks in a different language and as we work more, It does demand more care. Constant intervals of fatigue, mental and physical exhaustion can be a sign of tired and dull skin, we all must have felt extremely refreshing after a day at the spa as a result of using the right products and process. We are well aware that not every day can be your spa day. How about making it a personal spa day this valentine’s day? So this valentine’s day Astaberry has got to give the right product suggestions to top your skin for great refreshment and to feel loved all the while, your skin demands love too!

                       Aloevera Gel


2. Spend Time Alone

“Solitude is self-love”

Solitude indeed is the highest bliss. How about blessing yourself with this valentine’s gift on 14th February? If you have felt much weary lately, rather than purposely indulging yourself to stay busy or to not feel lonely. Give some time alone to yourself. Think and list down all the things you promised yourself for doing in your free time, but you never really did, paint that canvas, take yourself shopping, write yourself a song, dance your heart out, but most importantly spend time alone. If you haven’t yet considered spending time alone as a significant part of your day then you must yet have not been aware of the benefits of spending time alone. You can learn to trust yourself, become more creative, boost self-esteem, relax.

3. Buy yourself a gift this valentine’s day

“If you won’t then who will?”

Still looking forward to 14th February, where all the gift shops are overloaded with lovely stuff for valentine gifts to be brought, here is an idea. Rather than waiting this year, buy yourself one! Because if you will not buy yourself a valentine’s day gift then who will? There ain’t anything better you can do to cheer up yourself this valentine’s day and show some love by buying yourself the things you always wanted somebody else to give you! Want to win a skin and hair care hamper? Participate in our valentine’s week contest by clicking the link below and you can win amazing prizes.


4. Exfoliate and De-tan

“Breathe, relax, relive, and repeat”

Do you know, exfoliation and de-tan is the epitomizing way of relaxing and refreshing your skin. Here is why you should include exfoliation in your valentine’s week plan. Healthy and refreshed skin automatically leads to a healthy body, mind, and soul. This valentine week, there are numerous ways to exfoliate, you can switch your ordinary peeling solutions for de-tan, through body scrubs, lip scrubs, coffee scrub, sugar scrub, you can also use de-tan face wash and de-tan your skin at home with ease. This valentine’s day Astaberry introduces you to a bunch load of face scrubs and masks to exfoliate and de-tan your skin is a precise way to treat yourself.

5. Try something new

“Perhaps what you were always afraid of?”

Think of all the things on your bucket list for 2021, all that you were afraid of but always wanted to! Try them this valentine’s day! It’s always now or never! And let this valentine’s day be your now for something you have waited for a long time to start, so start this week. Trying something new is the finest way to discover yourself, to discover your potential, to witness your fears, to know yourself in depths, understand yourself in ways you have never done before. Plan out your valentine’s week to-do list about everything or something that should have been done.

Let’s make this valentine’s day, about self-love and taking care of your skin, body, mind, and soul, for what truly matters is the skin you are going to live in for a long time.

Astaberry wishes you a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY



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