Why is dry skin a big concern for every individual?

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Dry skin is a condition where the skin becomes rough with time when it doesn’t get the proper nourishment and care from the body.

Dry skin is one of the biggest concerns for every individual when it comes to skincare problems. As it makes the skin look rough and itchy. The location is not exactly where these patches form, as it varies from person to person. As the skin is a very sensitive organ of the human body and the most caring one also needs proper nourishment from time to time to get soft and supple glowing skin.

Since it is also one of the largest organs of the human body It helps to protect the body from external factors such as bacteria, chemicals, and Temperature. The skin contains a secretion that kills the bacteria and the pigment melanin provides a chemical pigment that defends against ultraviolet light that can change skin cells. The skin also plays a crucial role in controlling body temperature.

Long ago, people didn't give much thought to their skin when caring for their bodies, but as time has gone on, people have begun to understand the value of having healthy, radiant skin. This may be due to market trends. Now, even a pimple on the skin causes people great concern since it will leave a mark on the skin and make their face look unattractive.

Have you ever thought about what are the major causes of dry skin?

When you know the causes you can take proper precautions to save your skin from drying

Temperature - Heat is one of the major causes of dry skin as it reduces humidity and moisture in the air which causes the skin to become dry. Heaters, fireplaces, and wood-burning stoves can also act as a stimulant to increase the risk of drying skin.

Environment - When it comes to skincare, the atmosphere is crucial since dust in the air can clog pores and raise the risk of germs on the face, which causes the skin to become dry. Acne and spots may result from this. Chemical pollutants pose a risk as well since they interfere with the skin's natural defence mechanism. Your skin becomes dry and prone to ageing as a result of these pollutants destroying the oils in your skin.

Too many baths or scrubs— Normal skin has a barrier of oil and a healthy balance of "good" bacteria that help shield your skin from infections and dry

ness. This layer can be stripped away if you clean it too frequently, especially if you use harsh soaps and vigorous scrubbing, which will result in dry, irritated, itchy skin.

Medical treatments -Even drugs that seem harmless, like daily vitamins and common painkillers, can have unforeseen side effects. Skin dryness is one of the most annoying drug side effects. Skin dryness occurs when moisture is lost from the epidermis, which is the top layer of skin.

How can we get rid of dry skin without visiting a dermatologist

It’s still a big question in today's evolving world?


Don’t worry Astaberry is here to solve your concern with the best moisturizer for dry skin

Now it is possible with Astaberry skin care products which are made of natural ingredients to solve all dry skin-related issues

Astaberry Cocoa body butter lotion - It’s the best remedy for dry skin problems as it is made of natural ingredients such olive, cocoa butter, licorice, and bearberry extracts which help to protect the skin from drying. This cacao body butter lotion moisturizes the face, skin, and body to give soft and supple glowing skin all day. This is the best lotion for dry skin which nourishes and hydrates the skin.


Astaberry cocoa body butter lotion is the best body lotion for dry skin as it is not made from any kind of toxic or harmful chemicals which can cause skin burns and damage.

The best thing about this product is it is vegan and cruel free which means it excludes all products including dairy, meat, fish, and Eggs. Like your skin, Astaberry also takes care of the environment while producing cruelty-free products that do not harm or kill animals anywhere in the world.

Astaberry skin illuminates Face Serum- This face serum is the best product for dry skin and face-related issues as it includes hyaluronic acid that makes your skin flexible and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Hyaluronic acid is safe and beneficial every day for maintaining healthy and good skin.


It’s the best dry skin care product that can be used to cure dry skin problems as it includes ingredients of vitamin c in it which is considered the best antioxidant to improve skin tone and texture, hydrate, and reduce the signs of ageing.

Including vitamin c in your daily list of skin care products not only brighten your complexion but also protects the skin from sun damage

Including vitamin c in your daily list of skin care products not only brightens your complexion but also protects the skin from sun damage.

This face serum is made from natural ingredients which illuminate the skin and pigmentation as well to give you naturally glowing skin.

Astaberry Skin Whitening Facial kit - Astaberry skin whitening facial kit is the ideal facial kit to address all skin-related issues, including the dry skin problem that manifests itself automatically during the chilly winters and the problem with skin tone.


This product is made from natural ingredients like bearberry extracts to stop the harmful effects of UV radiation, which is one of the main causes of skin tanning and dark circles, almond oil to soften the skin, and mulberry extracts to protect your hair while also improving the tone and radiance of your skin throughout the day.

As this product is made from herbs of a natural ingredient there is no chance of side effects or any infection that would cause to the skin while using the product,

This kit is going to give you a flawless clean clear complexion to your skin which can also be used to cure dry skin problems. It‘s not wrong to say that this product is the best product for dry skin.

This facial kit includes

  • Skin whitening facial cleanser of 5 gram
  • Skin whitening exfoliating scrub g gram
  • Skin whitening hydration gel 5 gram
  • Skin whitening massage creme 7 gram
  • Skin whitening relaxing mask 10 gram
  • Skin whitening serum 3 gram


Astaberry Ikin Papaya hair remover creme - Papaya is not just a tasty fruit, it's a universal remedy for everything. It has many benefits from the skin to clean lungs.


papaya has a plethora of health benefits, including those related to pigmentation, skin lightening, the removal of dead skin cells, and the treatment of sunburns.

Astaberry has launched its Ikin papaya hair remover creme after going through the benefits of papaya on the human body. This hair remover creme comes with natural ingredients of papaya and aloe vera to clean and moisturize your skin. It’s the best product for sensitive and soft skin.

This is the best product for women to remove unwanted hair from legs, hands, and underarms without any kind of pain and side effects as this product is made from natural ingredients. It could be used as the best moisturizer for dry skin as it contains anti-inflammatory properties within it to treat dry skin.


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