Why Onions Are Good For Hair?

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We all are constantly worried about our hair as everyone wants flawless, thick and shiny hair. It is not always easy to have the perfect hair because of the conditions we live in today. Exposure to sun, pollution, and dirt can cause hair fall and premature greying of hair. Split ends, dry hair, itchy scalp and dandruff are some other problems that everyone faces at least once in their lives.

While there are several hair problems, onion is the one-stop solution to them. Pampering your hair once in a while is extremely important to nourish them and maintain their overall health. If you don’t have time for salon sessions then don’t worry because the magical ingredient lies right in your kitchen. Here are a few benefits of onions that will make you want to apply an onion mask to your hair this instant.

Stimulates hair growth 

Dietary sulfur is found in onions which is mainly responsible for the production of enzymes as well as proteins. Moreover, sulphur is one of the main components of keratin that is found in our hair. Applying onion to the hair nourishes them and also imparts a beautiful shine to them.

Due to the presence of sulphur in onions, they may promote hair growth. Undoubtedly, they make your hair stronger and provides the essential nutrients to the hair strands. This way, the strand will not break easily, thereby preventing hair fall. Onions are also known for making hair smooth.


Improves scalp health

Your scalp must be clean in order to keep the hair strong. Having a healthy scalp is very important as your hair requires a favourable environment to grow. Since onions contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, it keeps your scalp safe from any kind of infections.

Strong hair follicles will only prevail if the scalp is clean and healthy. If you are suffering from dandruff issues then applying onion to your hair will benefit you greatly. Moreover, dandruff is another reason that makes your hair weak and leads to more hair fall along with giving an itchy scalp. 

Prevents hair fall

If the body contains free radicals in excess, it may provide harm to your hair. Radicals not only contribute greatly to the premature ageing of hair but also weakens the hair follicles. This can result in hair thinning and hair loss.

However, onions contain antioxidants that combat free radicals in the body. Although there is no scientific evidence whether onions reverse hair fall or not, they surely do stop your hair fall in a drastic way. Applying onions regularly to your hair will make them stronger and will prevent hair loss to a huge extent.  

Better circulation

Onion contains active ingredients that increase blood circulation in the scalp. By doing so, the essential nutrients, as well as oxygen, drive to the hair follicles. Apply onion juice on your hair and massage for a few minutes to improve blood circulation. Alongside, onions can reduce inflammation of the scalp and remove dry skin once and for all.

Inflammation leads to itchiness and dandruff too so these issues can be sorted easily with onions. When it comes to healing the hair, onion is of the best ingredients present. From preventing infection to stimulating hair growth, onions do it all. 

Prevents ageing of the hair

Premature ageing of the hair is a common problem that several people face. Having grey hair at an early age can be quite embarrassing. When the hair strands become grey, it means that they have weakened and will fall off now.

Catalase is a compound that is responsible for imparting colour to the hair. If this element is missing then grey hair can prevail. Onions contain catalase in a significant amount so you can prevent your hair from going grey or becoming weak. Applying onion juice to your hair regularly will definitely solve this problem. 

Moisturizing the scalp

Your scalp often lacks moisture that leads to dry skin, itchiness and dandruff. Providing significant moisture to the hair and scalp is very important. Onions can keep your scalp hydrated and offer an adequate amount of moisture to the hair follicles for them to grow.

Plus, onions are rich in nutrients so they nurture your hair. Vitamin C, sulfur, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, calcium, iron and vitamin B are found in onions. Since onions target all hair problems, they are extremely popular for curing damaged hair.  

How to make onion juice?

Take a few big onions and wash them nicely to get rid of dirt particles. Dry them with a tissue or a cloth. Now, peel off the onions and clean them again with water. Start cutting the onions into small pieces. Put all the pieces in a blender and form a thick paste of them.

Take out the paste and place it into a cheesecloth. You can also use a sieve to strain out the juice. Press the onion pulp so that the juice can be extracted. Empty the juice into a container and keep it in the fridge for a few minutes before using it. 

Final Words

These were some benefits of applying onions to your hair. If you have unexplained hair fall then you should try out onion home remedies for hair. Give your hair the attention they deserve and start acting on the problems before it is too late. Achieve stunning hair with onions and get ready to slay.


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