How To Pamper Your Customer

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Customers are the driving force behind any business. A critical part of the organization is to know the customer base entirely. Differentiate between who are your most valuable customers that bring a lot of business and the ones who strain your resources. 

Let your customers know that your organization values them and cares for them. The customers must know that you are going the extra mile to reward their loyalty. By doing this, the customers will remember your efforts and their loyalty towards your brand will increase. 

However, you have to be careful about the tactics that you are going to use. Reward the customers in a way that does not bring losses to your company. Opt for a smart approach by measuring the profitability of every customer to estimate how much you should give back. Here are some ways to pamper your customers: 



There is no gift greater than a heartfelt gratitude. Every time a customer indulges in business with you, ensure that you show gratitude. The simplest way of doing this is by offering hand written notes to the customers. However, see to it that the notes are sent immediately after the purchase. 

Surveys show that businesses saw tremendous growth by opting for such small changes. Write a simple thank you note that says how grateful you are that the client chose your business and how you value them. Encourage them to shop again with you in the coming future.  



This is probably the most important factor that any organization must look forward to. Never let your customers wait for anything. Whether they are looking for information, wish to place an order or have other inquiries, you must be at their service at all times. 

Respond to emails immediately with a detailed solution or reply with respect to the client’s concern. Always answer phone calls and let your employees practise a polite way of talking to the customers. Several businesses do not offer great customer service so you can take advantage of this factor by providing the customers with exactly what they want. 


Since you have the records and information of every client, you can use this to your benefit. Work on not giving all the clients the same treatment. Research your client base and put them into several categories. This will help you in adding a unique touch to the orders of different customers. 

Plus, the customers will know how much effort you are putting in their orders. Show your level of dedication by personalizing stuff. Have a common ground for how you treat the customers but add a subjective touch for each client.  



Pampering the existing customer base will not only attract potential clients but still also motivate the prevailing customers to continue their business with you. For instance, if a client completes one year with your business, gift them with a premium coupon and a thank you card. 

Let them notice that you value their presence and how it thrills you that they are with you for a long time now. Do not give out cliche coupons that the customers probably won’t even use. The more loyal the customer, the more exciting the gift should be. However, it should not disrupt the financial balance of your company. 



 Taking constant feedback is vital for the business. There may be some things that you are doing wrong or the customers are not liking it. Let the clients know that they are being heard and the company takes all complaints very seriously. Keep the customers in the loop about everything. 

Tell them why the problem took place and you are sorry for the trouble they are going through. Also, let them know about the status of the complaint at every step and tell what solutions are available. All these things create a big impact on the client and they will let small mistakes pass.  

Premium services 

Remember that the gifts, customer service and pampering is only 20% of the entire business. The rest 80% is purely the quality of the products that you are offering. No matter how many gifts and free services you shower on the clients, they won’t become loyal until your products are ultimate. 

Focus on creating excellent products and then add a touch of merit by spoiling your customers. Do not concentrate on just one aspect because businesses should be the complete package for the clients. You can take surveys as well to see what new products or changes in existing products the customers will like to see.  

Don’t do too much 

Is there a thing called too much when it comes to pampering the customers? Yes, there is! There is a fine line between customer satisfaction and not giving the clients space at all. Your gifts, coupons and cards will mean nothing if you do it often. 

They are only special when you do it once in a while. Create certain events or a calendar for each client so you would know when to send out gifts. Keep the luxury gifts for the rare occasion to maintain their value in the long run.  

Final Words 

Customer satisfaction is everything in an organization. Follow these tips to pamper your business and tell your clients time and again how special they are to you. Expect tremendous growth in your business by fulfilling the needs and expectations of your customer base. 


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